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Clark Real Estate in Pocatello, Idaho, was founded in 1940. Since our real estate company opened its doors, it has been owned by either LuVern or his son Rodney Thomas Clark. LuVern and Rodney have spent time traveling all over the United States to invest money and help others with projects, particularly in the states of:

Idaho - Utah - Arizona - California - Ohio - Florida


We have multiple family members in key roles in the office. Our main staff includes Gary A. Clark, Pat Rawlings, Karen C. Hill, and Julie Myers. With a lifetime of experience in real estate, we are able to provide to your needs. 

Pat Rawlings (Office Manager/Agent)

Patricia Rawlings has been a REALTOR® for our company for the last 35 years. When she first started in 1978, she was hired as a bookkeeper. However, Rodney encouraged and helped her get her real estate license. Pat is honored to have been a two-time GPAR REALTOR® of the year and to have been able to serve as the President of the GPAR. This is what Pat has to say:

"It's always rewarding when I can help someone get into a home or help a seller. Home ownership is the all-American dream. It creates good citizens and makes our economy that much better. Over the years, I have made a decent living doing this but it's more than making money, it's about servicing our clients and making them happy."

Karen C. Hill (Advertising Manager/Bookkeeper)

Karen C. Hill is the daughter of Rodney. She started working at the company when she was a young teenager. When she got married, she left the company for a few years to support her husband's career. In 1987, Karen came back to Clark Real Estate full-time. Karen was the Rental Manager for Pocatello Heights for 10 years. She then moved to becoming an Advertising Manager. In the last few years, she has also started taking care of the accounts receivable and payable on top of her advertising responsibilities.

Julie Myers (Rental Manager)

Julie Myers is the residential and commercial property manager for Clark Real Estate. Prior to this, she spent 10 years in accounts receivable and payable for our company. She has extensive knowledge in maintenance operations and management of residential and commercial real estate. Moreover, she has provided management oversight for over 300 properties during her 14 years as a property manager.


Our office has moved multiple times throughout the years. In the beginning, we are in a small office on 5th Avenue. Once we had grown a bit, we moved into a larger office in the Pocatello Heights building at 344 N. 15th Avenue. Our office is located at 1111 Yellowstone, which is right next to Jamba Juice™.