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Southeast Idaho

Clark Real Estate in Pocatello, Idaho, is a real estate company that develops properties in the Southeast Idaho communities. The region is rich in history and agriculture and is a hub for industry, tourism, and recreation. Expect quality education and wide business opportunities here in the southeast. Cities that make up the region are:

Pocatello - Chubbuck - Blackfoot - American Falls - Inkom



The southeast communities are located in Interstate 15 and Interstate 86. Notable destinations include the crossroads to Salt Lake City, Boise, Yellowstone, as well as the Grand Teton National Parks and Sun Valley. The Snake River and Portneuf River also run through this idyllic area.

Climate and Topography

The southeast community is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and is located 4,448 feet above sea level. Clear, dry, and sunny days are normal for the region. This desirable four-season area receives less than 15 inches of precipitation annually. Moreover, summers are dry and comfortably warm. The average temperature in the summer is 72 degrees, while the average temperature in the winter is 35 degrees.


The city is home to Idaho State University, which provides top-quality education and extends cultural awareness to the area. Nearby forests offer an abundance of year-round outdoor recreation, breathtaking scenery, and abundant wildlife. The city also boasts of different kinds of entertainment: county fairs, rodeos, and college and high school athletics. Recreational activities, such as golf, fishing, and skiing, are available the whole year.


Pocatello enjoys a stable and diversified economic base. An active economic development team headquartered at Idaho State University Research and the Business Park help keep the economy diverse. The government sector provides a quarter of the jobs in Bannock County because the area is home to Idaho National Laboratory (INL), Idaho State University, and the Idaho Women's Correctional Facility. Leading contributors to economic growth are:

Agricultural Processing and Products - Manufacturing - Mining Surrounding Trade - Agriculture - Transportation - Education - Technology - Nuclear Research - Tourism


Pocatello is a great place to retire. In fact, it was named as one of the top 10 places for retirement. The city offers temperate weather, friendly people, and accessible outdoor recreation. Moreover, the city offers affordable housing and first-rate medical facilities.



There are many beautiful attractions in and around Pocatello, making it worthy of the title "The Gate City." Pocatello still sits where it was originally built; it has just expanded around the original city. Old Town is an intricate part of the Portneuf Greenway. The Greenway traverses along the Portneuf River for nearly 20 miles, with handicap access along the way.


Property taxes are limited to one percent of market value, against percentage of value. Levies are applied. At present, you will pay approximately $1,054 annually in property taxes for a $70,000 Pocatello home with homeowner's exemption. The state collects a 6% general retail sales tax, a personal income tax of 1.6-7.4% of taxable income, and a 7.7% corporate income tax.